Residential Inspections

As Thorough As It Gets!

We will inspect the hard to reach areas of every attic and crawlspace. Important structural issues, leaks and insulation issues among many other problems can be missed with a lazy inspection of the attic and crawlspace. You are not getting the home inspection you deserve if the inspector doesn't inspect these areas thoroughly. We will provide you with pictures of these areas in every report so you know we went the extra mile to give you the most thorough inspection possible. 

Modern and Extremely Detailed Reports

Our reports will make you feel like you are at the inspection with us. We guide you through your home with dozens (usually 100+) pictures and videos describing the conditions and defects in your home. We document the types of materials used to build your home, and the different systems, manufacturers and ages of important systems. The reports are best viewed online where you can enlarge photos and play video. We use easy to understand language and diagrams so you can better understand the topics we discuss in our report.

Quick Turnaround

Your inspection period is short and we know that time is of the essence. We provide same day reports to keep your transaction moving forward!

Thermal Imaging

We use thermal imaging in all of our inspections to help find hidden leaks, missing insulation and other issues hidden to the naked eye. A wonderful service, provided for FREE!