Prepare For Your Inspection

Properly preparing for a home inspection will save everyone time and will help the process run more smoothly. Take these steps to prepare your home for an inspection or pass along this info to the seller’s agent so they can ensure their clients are ready for an inspection.


Are all the utilities turned on?

We will inspect the water heater, furnaces, ranges and other utilities throughout the home. As inspectors it is not our job to turn on systems that have been shut off unless given specific permission to do so. There may be important reasons the utilities were turned off. If we can’t test important utilities, it is likely that we will be asked to come back to test at a later date, which can delay your real estate transaction and increase the inspection cost.


Important inspection areas must be accessible.

The most important areas include access to the crawlspace, garage and attic and working space around the electrical panel, water heater, and HVAC equipment. These systems are important in every home and need to be accessible during an inspection. Inspectors are not required to move personal or stored items to get to these areas. If we are given permission to move items or the home owner agrees to make space, it can take valuable time away from the actual inspection.


A tidy house is always easier to inspect.

Cleaning your house before an inspection is a courtesy to the inspector and potential buyer. The more wall and floor spaces are covered, the less we can see and reach for inspection. A tidy house gives us the impression that you care about your home and aren’t trying to hide anything. Yes, we do run into areas and systems that are purposely blocked. It doesn’t deter us, it only makes us more determined to see what may be hidden.


Recent work done on the home?

Show us the documentation. If you have taken steps to upgrade and repair systems that’s great! Showing us it was done under permit and by licensed professionals lets us know the work done is much more likely to be of good quality. We will of course re-inspect all these systems ourselves, but some areas, such as furnaces, contain parts that are much better understood by a licensed HVAC contractor.


Put pets in a safe place.

We love pets and don’t mind working around them for an inspection. Some pets love everyone and some pets understandably don’t like strangers walking through and around their home. If we are left to inspect a home with no one around, we will not enter areas where pets are kept. The last thing we want is a dog to escape from the backyard or a cat to get out who you want to keep indoors. Take steps to crate animals, take them with you or communicate with us about your animal situation.