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Luxurious new construction home in Bellevue, WA. Modern style home boasts two car garage f

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Our Company

At Marathon Northwest Inspections LLC we provide the total inspection experience with all the inspections you need to better understand your home.

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Our Services

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Residential Inspections

We provide the most thorough, professional and insightful inspections you'll find anywhere.

Sewer Scopes

Nothing gives peace of mind like a sewer scope. We can evaluate the integrity of your sewer line to ensure there are no roots, bends or breaks in your sewer line. 

Mold Sampling

We conduct mold air sampling and tape lift sampling, which are analyzed at accredited labs.

Dangerous natural gas Radon - Concept with business manager pointing to icons against a di
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thermal imaging camera inspection for temperature check and finding heating pipes in floor

Radon Testing

We conduct short term radon testing, giving you accurate results within 48hrs.


Free as part of every inspection, we look for wood destroying organisms (WDO's). Think carpenter ants, termites, wood boring beetles, etc.

Thermal Imaging

We use thermal imaging in all of our inspections to help find hidden leaks, missing insulation and other issues hidden to the naked eye.

Big luxury, modern house at dusk, night time in suburbs of Vancouver, Canada..jpg

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